Discover AI. Discover the Future.
Discover AI. Discover the Future.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley | AI Innovator and Catalyst

The picture shows a photo of San Francisco's "Painted Ladies" in the year 2030, Victorian houses, set against a sunny blue sky with thin clouds. The city skyline in the background showcases a mix of historic and modern buildings, ending with a striking, modern skyscraper. The photo embodies the city's development, blending the present with the future.

What role does San Francisco’s Silicon Valley play in the global AI movement? In the last two years, the global AI landscape has significantly evolved and expanded. We would like to explore which cities are playing key roles in this development. To do so, we start our AI world tour in America’s West and discover San Francisco and its Silicon Valley.
Join us as we uncover the forces making Silicon Valley a vanguard of AI innovation and let’s imagine how Silicon Valley could shape this role in the future, illustrated by three exciting future outlooks for the region.

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