Discover AI. Discover the Future.
Discover AI. Discover the Future.

Interview with Zaki, a teacher of the future

From the life of a teacher of the future: “How will the role and working life of teachers change through AI?”

Education is one of the most important aspects of a society. It is closely connected to all industries. As such, the educational system has a significant influence on various economic sectors. Education is fundamental for all social classes. And artificial intelligence (AI) is changing every single social aspect, even education.
Join us on an exciting journey into the future: meet Zaki, a visionary teacher who gives us a glimpse into the classroom of tomorrow. By answering ten quick questions, Zaki unveils how artificial intelligence could revolutionize educational systems. He explains how personalized learning could spark children’s engagement and what role teachers might play in an increasingly digitized world. Come in and discover how education is being shaped by AI.

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